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Trilogy 100 Ventilator

The light weight Trilogy 100 Ventilator by Phillips Respironics offers patients high quality respiratory support with superior freedom and mobility. With both pressure and volume control features, the device supports multiple types of therapy that can be applied separately or simultaneously.

Respironics AVAPS technology with adaptive algorithms allows the device to adjust to patients' breathing needs. The Digital as Auto-Trak algorithm can sense when triggering and cycling of the ventilator is needed with little breathing effort from the patient. Ventilation is on-demand, with a unique trigger connected to the mouthpiece able to detect patient contact.


Support for the Trilogy includes not only 24/7 clinical services and educational resources, but a cloud-based patient monitoring system. This allows for greater patient safety, supervision, and satisfaction.  

Outstanding Features
  • Mouthpiece ventilation (MPV), sensitive able to detect patient contact providing on demand ventilation

  • pressure support up to 40 cm H2O.

  • AVAPS-AE combines AVAPS,Auto EPAP and Auto backup rate.

  • Adjustable AVAPS allows the clinician to control the speed pressure changes.

  • Waveforms on screen allow patient triggering, cycling and synchrony to be monitored 

  • Sensitive Auto-Trak

  • Inline nebulizer treatments

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Trilogy display.png
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Modes and Types
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