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Pegaso Percussor ACS


The Pegaso Percussor ACS is a new unique model of cough assistant from Dima Italia. Beyond having all of the features of the Pegaso cough the percussor ACS offers the unique possibility of pairing percussion (intrapulmonary high frequency percussion vibrations on the chest wall) and cough assistance in one treatment session. Non invasive and easy-to-use, the device offers a new therapy approach for difficult secretion clearance cases.

The cough assistant, in general very efficient to clean the central airways, could be less effective when it comes to peripheral airways. The percussor alone is highly suitable when deeply retained or dense secretions need to be loosened, but it is slow in removing them from the lungs. By using both treatments in one device, the limit of each is complemented by the other.


The device's cough assist setting has four different modes including two adaptive therapies with highly sensitive trigger technology. The Intrapulmonary High Frequency Percussor includes various parameter settings such as the I:E ratio, which helps to modulate the oscillatory effect according to patient needs. Simple and tolerable the device can be used both at home and the hospital.  

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Outstanding Features
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  • Frequencies up to 600 cpm

  • I:E ratio setting to modify the percussive impact

  • Lock and selective activation of various operating modes, while maintaining the set parameters for each (e.g. Cough Assistant  AutoSync and Percussion)

  • Up to 4 different cough assistant modes

    • Automatic

    • Manual

    • AutoSync (PEGASO A-COUG PERC model)

    • EasyStart (PEGASO A-COUGH PERC model)

  • 4 inspiratory flow levels

  • Extremely strong flows during the cough assistance therapy and pressure up to 70 cmH2O

  • Storage of therapies with internal memory

  • SpO2 and pulse reading directly on display, with a highly sensitive sensor, also suitable for paediatric use. (Accessory to be purchased separately).

  • Alarm system

Auto Sync Screen Pegasos.png
  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Cystic fibrosis (Mucoviscidosis)

  • Spinal muscular atrophy

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Permanent brain injury

  • Poliomyelitis

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Myasthenia gravis

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Field of application

PERCUSSOR (A-Cough Perc)



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