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Astral 150 Ventilator

The Astral 150 ventilator by ResMed, is a discrete lightweight life support system designed with, patient care and mobility in mind. With a variety of modes, circuit options, and interfaces the device is able to serve a multitude of patient conditions.


Each Device comes equipped with ResMed’s IntelligentAir technologies of iVAPS, iBR, and AutoEPAP allowing the device to deliver adaptive ventilation to patients. These work in concert with ResMed’s Vsync, TiControl, and NIV technologies  providing patients with individualized therapy options invasive or non-invasive.


The Astral 150 features integrated FiO2 capabilities, the option to have a double-limb circuit, and two additional therapy programs. Monitoring tools both remote and on the device itself as well as alarms assure patients’ safety.


Two external batteries provide up to 16 hours of power, as well as a backup battery able to provide power for an additional eight. Easy to operate and service, the Astral 150 is an efficient user friendly life support ventilation option.

  • Astral Connectivity to AirView: Connectivity module enables access to key patient data in the cloud to better manage and improve care, within ResMed's secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud network.

  • iVAPS: ResMed's intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support mode is a unique algorithm that adjusts to a patient's respiratory rate, targets alveolar ventilation and automatically adjusts pressure support to accommodate each patient's needs. iVAPS is intended for patients weighing more than 66lbs (30kg).

  • Convenience in motion: Astral’s mobility bag features a transparent panel that makes the screen fully visible and accessible, and includes straps to wear over the shoulder or mount onto wheelchairs.

  • Discreet performance: It’s extremely quiet at just 35 dBA

  • Ease of use: designed with an intuitive interface, user-friendly menus and easy operation, making ventilation support straightforward and efficient.

  • Suitable for pediatric use: Astral with our Pixi™ pediatric mask (designed especially for children).

ResMed Astral 150 Ventilator
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Circuit/Therapy Specs



Additional Settings

Pressure Range and Settings


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